Together with Adidas we've created the industry's first fully athlete data-coded shoe, FutureCraft Strung. 
The ultra high-teach shoe is made from a new breed of textile, woven by a propriety strung robot to ensure an ultra-precise build.

STRUNG is an entirely new way of creating a textile that is specifically aimed at making high performance footwear uppers. The process can not be classified as neither knitting nor weaving allowing for multi directional specificity without the constraints of the weft and loft logic of conventional textiles. The fully integrated design and manufacturing environment allows us to create a lightweight upper where each thread is strategically placed for a seamless, lightweight fit. 
The STRUNG process codes in functionality at the exact spot where the athlete needs it within a single piece of material, free from inhibiting excess component or seams.
Working with and for adidas FUTURE, the secretive multidisciplinary R&D arm of adidas, KRAM/WEISSHAAR have designed, engineered and built the software and hardware tools that enable the design, engineering, prototyping and production of STRUNG uppers. The project happened in record time: hardware and software were created in less than a year in a series of rapid iterations building on top of amazing groundwork by the adidas team and leveraging the extensive KRAM/WEISSHAAR code base developed for BREEDING TABLES, OUTRACE and ROBOCHOP.
This project reimagines multi disciplinary collaboration in the 21st century. Built as a lightweight and ultra compact micro factory the FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG robotic cell features a series of proprietary hardware and software inventions that facilitate close human-robot interaction. Three units working across different continents enable non-stop development - and provided an edge in times of COVID-19 related travel restrictions.
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