visual artist & CREATIVE DIRECTOR
Multidisciplinary Creative 

Freelance Creative Director / Senior Art Director 
Vasco Vicente is an award-winning creative and visual artist with more than a decade of experience exploring the intersection of art, design, branding, film, print, and technology. 
His work sparks cultural conversations, celebrates human connection, and inspires through the power of storytelling and visual culture.
Brand DNA & Creative Development, Brand Voice, Strategy, 360 Campaign, Film, Print, Ux Design, Social, Art Direction, Music, VSF, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Production, and Post-Production.
Global Clients
Ridley Scott Creative Group, AKQA, Toko, Uber, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Comedy Central, Nike, Adidas, Youtube, Netflix, EA, 72nSunny, Instagram, Corona, Footlocker, Airbnb, Zonda, Facebook, Heineken, Levis, Coca-cola, Citizen, S7 Airlines, Milka, Jupiler, Uefa, Ge, Inbev, Budweiser, Honda, Carrera, Eye film, Computer & Arts, Ted Global, Novartis, Tesco. 
I am based in Amsterdam and working globally. 

If you have a project you would like to collaborate on or want to say hello. 
Please reach out
Lectures & Talks
Bold Design Festival, Madrid 2018
Lecture with David Carson, Brief Creative Festival, Design University Lisbon 2018
180 Heartbeats Agency, Warsaw, Poland 2017
Huddle Agency, Amsterdam Netherlands 2017
Password Festival 2016, Tallin Estonia 2016
Behance Portfolio 2015, Amsterdam Netherlands 2015
Creative Club Society6, Lisbon Portugal 2015
Cannes Imagination Day, Warsaw, Poland 2014
White Square Festival, Minsk, Belarus 2014
Graphic Design AD Festival, Milan Italy 2013
Awards & Honours  
Discovery Channel
Cannes Lion
Idea Festival
White square
AD Netherlands
White square
Red apple

Clio Silver -  2022 Nike Japan - Runners Helpings Runners - Social Media
Ciclope Shortlisted -  2022 Nike Japan - Runners Helpings Runners
Cannes 2x Shortlisted - D&DA 2022 Nike Japan - Tokyo Marathon Content Series Brand Film
Shortlist D&DA 2022 Nike Japan - Tokyo Marathon Content Series Film Shortlist
Bronze Epica Awards -  PR 2018  Corona - Shirt Ocean's week 
Site of the Day awwwards 2018 -  Corona - Whooohooo ( out of office generator )
Site of the Day FWA  2018 -  Corona - Whooohooo ( out of office generator )
Gold Epica Awards -  Best use of Music 2017  Nike Russia - What our girls are made of
Gold Epica Awards -  Film  2017  Nike Russia - What our girls are made of
Silver Lia Awards -  Film  2017  Nike Russia - What our girls are made of
Gold Lion -  Film  2017  Nike Russia - What our girls are made of?
Cannes Shortlist  -  Film Craft 2017  Nike Russia - What our girls are made of?
Wood Pencil Film Advertising Crafts 2017  Nike Women Russia Use of Music for Film Advertising 
Bronze Eurobest, 2016 Budweiser Infected ( Film Craft )
Shortlist Eurobest, 2016 Budweiser Infected ( Entertainment )
Shortlist Eurobest, 2016 Budweiser Infected ( Film )
Silver Best Music, Liaentries Fest, London 2016 Fifa 16 ( Film )
Gold VFX Fat Ciclope Festival, Barcelona 2016 Fifa 16 ( Film )
Shots Nomination Commercial of the Year 2016 Budweiser Infected ( Film )
Gold Laus, Design Festival, Barcelona 2016 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Shortlist Eurobest, 2016 Budweiser Infected ( Film Craft )
Bronze Pencil, 2016 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Silver Pencil, 2016 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive 
Bronze Pencil, 2016 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Silver Pencil, 2016 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Grand Prix Eurobest, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Grand PrSilver Pencil, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine( Interactive )
Silver Eurobest, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagine ( Film )
Webby Awwward , 2015 Citizen, Chasing Horizons ( Long form Branded ) 
Shortlist Clio, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine
Bronze Lion, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine Cyber (Branded games / live digital)
Bronze Lion, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine Outdoor Cyber (Interface & navigation)
Gold Lion, 2015 Citizen, Chasing Horizons Promo & Activation (use of promotional events and stunts)
Shortlist Cannes, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagine Media (Product & Service / travel, entertainment & stunts)
Shortlist Cannes, 2015 S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine Outdoor (Ambient / interactive outdoor experience)
Adobe Award, The cutting Edge Project of the Week , 2015 - S7 Airlines, Imagination Machine
Silver Lion , 2015 Citizen, Chasing Horizons Promo & Activation (Product & Service / other consumer products)
Silver Lion , 2015 - S7 Airlines, Imagine (travel, transportation, tourism)
Creative of the Year 2015, Portugal - Prémios Novos
Honor at Webby Awards, 2015 -  Citizen, Chasing Horizons
Bronze Emerlad , 2014 -  Heineken, The Legendary Posters, Ambient- Non Conventional indoor
Bronze Emerlad , 2014 -  Heineken, The Legendary Posters, Best use of Media – Drink’s category
Gold Cristal, 2014 -  Heineken, The Legendary Posters OOH-Integrated Led by OOH
Silver Eurobest Design , 2014 -  Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Bronze Epica , 2014 -  Heineken, The Legendary Posters in Media Innovation - Alternative Media
Bronze Epica , 2014 -  Citizen, Better Starts Now (brand film) in Corporate Image
Epica Craft ShortList , 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Bronze Lion ShortList , 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Finalist ADC of Netherlands, 2014 - Nike, Play Russian 
Gold Idea! Advertising Fest,Russia 2014 - Nike, Play Russian 
M&M Global Award, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters
Silver Red Apple International Ad Fest, Russia 2014 - Nike, Play Russian 
Bronze Lion ShortList , 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters (Direct: Ambient Media - Large Scale)
Bronze Lion ShortList , 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters (Direct: Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Bronze Lion ShortList , 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters (Media: Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Cannes ShortList Direct, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters
Cannes ShortList Media, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Cannes ShortList Promo, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Epica Craft Shortlist, 2014 - Citizen, Better Starts Now
FWA Shortlist, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Silver Lion, Minsk 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters (Outdoor: Integrated Campaigns led by Outdoor)
Gold IDEA AD FESTIVAL, Russia 2014 - Nike, Play Russian 
Site of the Day Awwwards, 2014 - Heineken, The Legendary Posters 
Gran Prix White Square Ad Festival, Minsk, 2014 - Nike Play Russian 
White Square Ad Festival, Minsk 2014 - Nike, Play Russian 
Shortlist AD Club Netherlands 2014  - Nike, Play Russian

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